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Vulnerability Trends June 2021 ScanTitan

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Vulnerability Trends Summary

As part of our monthly vulnerability trends, this report shows the monthly top 10 trends on security vulnerabilities and how hackers, malware, and exploit kits are exploiting those vulnerabilities. To demonstrate, we assign vulnerability trends value as a percentage of how each vulnerability is significantly gaining the attention of cybersecurity communities, attackers, together with malware. In either case, companies can benefit from the report to have more cyber threat insights and relatively anticipate attacks wave that might target their public assets in the following months.

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The following chart shows the trends.

In June 2021 we see that Windows Print Spooler services grabbed all attention of the cybersecurity community as this vulnerability alone has more than half of June’s cybersecurity trends. Also, Linux systems were not safe as PolKit has a critical vulnerability discovered in June as well.

Additionally, we see in June 2021 critical vulnerabilities in security products like Carbon Black, SonicOS, and ForgeRock.

The following table shows the details of the trends.

CVEVulnerabilityPublish DateExploitedTrends*
CVE-2021-1675Print Spooler Service RCE in Windows08/05/2021Yes53%
CVE-2021-3560Privilege Escalation in PolKit03/05/2021Yes18%
CVE-2021-32934ThroughTek P2P Credential Access16/05/2021Yes5%
CVE-2021-30724Privilege Escalation in MacOs and iOS03/05/2021No5%
CVE-2021-21998Carbon Black Authentication Bypass22/05/2021No4%
CVE-2021-31955Windows Kernel Information Disclosure08/05/2021Yes4%
CVE-2021-31956Windows Privilege Escalation08/05/2021Yes4%
CVE-2021-20019Information Leakage in SonicOS23/05/2021Yes3%
CVE-2021-33739Windows Privilege Escalation08/05/2021Yes3%
CVE-2021-35464RCE in ForgeRock Access Manager29/05/2021Yes2%

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1. CVE-2021-1675 Print Spooler Service RCE in Windows

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Print Spooler Service. This vulnerability is dubbed as PrintNightmare.

2. CVE-2021-3560 Privilege Escalation in PolKit

Local privilege escalation in PolKit allows an attacker to bypass credential checks and to create a local user with root/administrator privileges.

3. CVE-2021-32934 ThroughTek P2P Credential Access

ThroughTek P2P SDK has allows attacker to access credential and other sensitive information as the P2P productions do not sufficiently protect data transferred between the local device and ThroughTek servers.

4. CVE-2021-30724 Privilege Escalation in MacOS and iOS 

A privilege escalation vulnerability was discovered in Core Virtual Machine Server (CVMServer) of MacOS. The vulnerability is triggered by an integer overflow leading to an out-of-bounds memory access, from which point privilege escalation can be attained. It affects devices running older versions of macOS Big Sur 11.4, iOS 14.6, and iPadOS 14.6.

5. CVE-2021-21998 Carbon Black Authentication Bypass

VMware Carbon Black App Control has an authentication bypass that allows a malicious actor with network access to the management server might be able to obtain administrative access without the need to authenticate.

6. CVE-2021-31955 Windows Kernel Information Disclosure

A vulnerability exists in Windows that allows a local unprivileged user toread contents of Kernel memory from a user mode process. An attacker could use this vulnerability to disclose information from the system, such as kernel addresses.

7. CVE-2021-31956 Privilege Escalation in Windows

A local privilege escalation vulnerability exists in Windows NTFS where an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to take control of the vulnerability system.

8. CVE-2021-20019 Information Leakage in SonicOS

A vulnerability in SonicOS where the HTTP server response leaks partial memory by sending a crafted HTTP request, this can potentially lead to an internal sensitive data disclosure vulnerability.

9. CVE-2021-33739 Privilege Escalation in Windows

Improper privilege management vulnerability exists in Microsoft Windows Desktop Manager that allows privilege escalation.

10. CVE-2021-35464 RCE in ForgeRock Access Manager

Remote access code execution vulnerability was found in ForgeRock Access Management solution. This vulnerability requires authentication.

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